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MDB Youth is a community of young people whose goal is to help each other in learning programming and technology.

Our activities are supported by the international technology company MDB, which gives us free access to its tools, technologies and educational materials.

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After registration you will get access to:

  • Tutorials and educational materials
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  • An educational platform where you can observe your progress and manage your development path

Step 2 - Join the local MDB academy

Check if you have MDB classes in your area and if so, join stationary courses to learn even more and even faster.

Step 3 - Get a first level MDB certificate

If you pass the first courses and manage to complete the first tasks - take the exam and get the first level MDB certificate. It will be a valuable entry to your CV and will open you new career and development opportunities.

Step 4 - Join a local herd or create your own

If you get the first level MDB certificate, you can join the local MDB Youth stock - a group of young people working on advanced projects and learning advanced technologies.

If there is no local herd in your area - you can create your own.

Step 5 - Get involved in the life of our community

Start traveling and meet people from the MDB Youth community. Take part in workshops, events, international youth exchanges and hackathons.

Step 6 - Begin your career and get a paid internship.

After receiving the MDB certificate, you have the opportunity to take paid (or longer) paid internships in one of our partner companies. This internship is the best way to start a career, practical learning and making first money thanks to programming.