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Learn programming and technology with us

MDB Youth is a community of young people whose goal is to help each other in learning programming and technology.

Our activities are supported by the international technology company MDB, which gives us free access to its tools, technologies and educational materials.

Write to us and start cooperation

How does it work:

Step 1

Gather a group of 6-10 motivated young people (age 17-26) and contact us

Step 2

You will get access to educational materials and the necessary tools to learn the basics of programming.

Step 3

Each of you will get a mentor who will help him in learning and will answer questions and doubts

Step 4

We will assign tasks and projects for you (tailored to your level of knowledge)

Step 5

For 8 weeks you will learn with us and create your first IT projects. All work will be done remotely.

Step 6

After 8 weeks of hard work, we will help you get the first-level MDB certificate certifying your acquired skills. This certificate will be a valuable entry to your CV.

What's next:

International youth exchange

If we cooperate well, we will organize together international youth exchange (from the Erasmus + program), during which we will organize workshops with experienced programmers and visit top technology companies in Warsaw.

Paid internships

If you develop quickly, we will help you get paid internships to top technology companies. We have already done such internships and we know how great this value is for our professional development.

And a lot more

The possibilities in the world of technology are limitless. We will share with you all that we have, if you show commitment.

What we expect:


Learning programming is super interesting, but it requires hard work. We will help you learn everything we can, but you will have to put in the greatest effort.

Knowledge of the English language

We will communicate and learn technology in English. This condition is impossible to overcome.

Constant desire to develop

The world of technology is growing constantly. We want to cooperate with people who want to learn all the time and never stop.

Perfect communication

Good communication between our groups is the foundation. We do not want a situation in which we will sacrifice ourselves only to wait for answers from you after a few days. Fast and efficient communication is our priority.

What you will learn

See examples of our projects that will teach you how to create.

See examples of our projects